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Vehicle escrow offers a secure mechanism for buying and selling any kind of vehicle online or directly, person to person. The vehicle escrow form lists a number of information fields when specifying the details of the vehicle you want to buy or sell.

Required fields:

  • Manufacturer make
  • Model name
  • Year manufactured
  • Price

Additional fields:

Engine and VIN number, Odometer reading, license expiry date, country of registration, province of registration, additional notes.

E-Escrow allows you to define your own terms and conditions for the transaction. The terms specified in an escrow transaction is very important as it will most likely determine the outcome of the mediation in the event of a dispute.

The Envisionit E-Escrow process for vehicle transactions

  • 1

    Start a secure transaction

  • 2

    Specify transaction items / service

  • 3

    Create transaction terms

  • 4

    Agree the transaction terms

  • 5

    The buyer transfers the transaction value to Envisionit E-Escrow

  • 6

    The seller delivers / ships the goods or provides the service

  • 7

    The buyer accepts and verifies the goods / service provided

  • 8

    Envisionit E-Escrow releases payment to the seller and / or agent.

Example 1:

Information Field Name Information Provided
Manufacturer make Volkwagen
Model name Polo 1.6 Trendline
Year manufactured 2016
Odometer reading 24600
Notes Flash red (non metalic), aluminium rims (scratch and dent free),
Price R 150,000

Example 2:

Information field name Information provided
Manufacturer make Bombardier
Model name Sea-doo GTX
Year manufactured 2000
  • Year: 2000
  • Vehicle Type: 3 seat
  • Color: Red
  • Engine: Two-stroke, Twin-Cylinder Rotax(TM) R.A.V.E.(TM) exhaust
  • Battery: 12-volt
  • Height: 41 in (100 cm)
  • Length: 124 in (310 cm)
  • Width: 48 in (120 cm)
  • Dry Weight: 664 lb (301 kg)
  • Oil Capacity: 1.6 US gal (6.1 L)
  • Fuel Capacity: 15.0 US gal (57 L)
Price R 85,000

Envisionit E-Escrow fees for vehicle transactions

E-Escrow charges a fee for securing your transaction. The E-Escrow fee is deducted from the funds in trust and is either payable by one or a combination of the parties. For example, the parties may decide that the buyer, seller or agent will pay the E-Escrow fees or the E-Escrow fee may be split between the parties. You can find a detailed explanation of our fee structure here.

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