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Speak to us about getting the most out of your E-Escrow experience.

E-Escrow earns revenue by charging a transaction fee. The fee structure below reflects our standard fees. Please contact us to negotiate special tariffs on large or high volume transactions. Speak to us about capping your E-Escrow fees, meaning you will never pay more than an agreed amount.

Who pays the E-Escrow fee?

The parties to the transaction decide who pays the E-Escrow fee.

If the buyer pays:

The fee is added to the transaction total: Total of goods purchased + E-Escrow fee = grand total.

If the seller pays:

The E-Escrow fee is subtracted from the total, example: Total of goods purchased less E-Escrow fee equals the amount due to seller.

If the buyer and seller pay:

If buyer and seller decides to split the E-Escrow fee then 50% of the fee will be added to the purchase price and 50% of the fee will be subtracted from the seller's payout.

The E-Escrow fee excludes VAT.
To keep our fees low we apply it to a transaction based on a sliding scale as set out below. The minimum fee of R 200 excluding VAT is applicable to transactions with calculated fees of less than R 200.

Our fee structure

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