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1. What is E-Escrow?

The word "escrow" means to keep in trust until certain conditions have been fulfilled.

At Envisionit E-Escrow we help you secure payments and purchases by keeping your money in trust until such time as the product or service has been delivered and checked.

We help the seller and agent by securing the funds ensuring payment as soon as the seller has fulfilled their obligations. We take away the risk of late payments and fraudulent deposits.

We help the buyer by keeping their funds safe until the terms of the agreement have been met.

Card transactions can be reversed or disputed. When a card payment has been made it is very difficult to get it back. Using Envisionit E-Escrow ensures that you get what you paid for and you get paid for what you deliver.

2. How does Envisionit E-Escrow work?

Envisionit E-Escrow offers different E-Escrow services but in essence the Envisionit E-Escrow process is very simple. If you are a first time Envisionit E-Escrow user rest assured that we will guide you with emails through every step of your transaction.

In general the Envisionit E-Escrow process is:

  1. 1. Create an Envisionit E-Escrow transaction.
  2. 2. Agree on terms.
  3. 2. Buyer pays via Envisionit E-Escrow.
  4. 3. Seller delivers the product or service.
  5. 4. Buyer inspects and accepts the product or service.
  6. 5. Envisionit E-Escrow releases payment to the seller.

3. Envisionit E-Escrow GUARANTEES payment timeously

With Envisionit E-Escrow the seller's payment is guaranteed under the following conditions:

  • Envisionit independently confirms with the parties to the transaction that funds have been received in trust.
  • The parties have accurately complied with both the Envisionit E-Esrow suspensive conditions of the transaction agreement.
  • The parties do not reject/dispute the product or service.

4. How long does the process take?

Payment is released to the seller within 48-hours of receiving the instruction to release payment from the buyer.

5. What does the Envisionit E-Escrow service cost?

Envisionit E-Escrow charges a fee for mitigating payment risk and securing your payment.

Our fees are different for each Envisionit E-Escrow service type and are based on the value of your transaction. You can find a detailed explanation of our fee structure here.

6. Why choose Envisionit E-Escrow?

Choose Envisionit E-Escrow because your money is safe and payment is guaranteed. Envisionit E-Escrow, is a registered member of Payment Systems Stakeholder Forum of South Africa. Our escrow trust account is independently operated and audited by Envisionit Capital Solutions (Pty) Ltd, an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 43556.

Choose Envisionit E-Escrow to make sure you get what you pay for and you get paid for what you deliver. As long as you deliver on the terms of the sale the money is as good as in the bank. In the case of a seller, card transactions and EFT payments can be reversed or disputed leaving you out of pocket. In the case of buyers, it is very difficult to get your money back once you've entered your card details on a website. Choose Envisionit E-Escrow because we secure the transaction.

7. What if the buyer doesn't accept the delivery?

If the buyer rejects a product it is the buyer's responsibility to return the product at own expense. The buyer gets refunded once the product has been returned, less the Envisionit E-Escrow fee.

In the event of a buyer disputing payment for a service the transaction is put on hold to allow the parties to reach agreement.

8. How do I change my transaction details and terms?

You can make changes to the terms and conditions of the transaction at any time before the parties have agreed to the terms of the transaction. Simply log in and edit the terms. After the terms have been accepted the agreement between the parties can only be amended by an Envisionit E-Escrow administrator.

Products and services transactions

1. Does Envisionit E-Escrow take ownership of products?

No, Envisionit E-Escrow only facilitates payment of the transaction. The parties in the transaction manage the delivery of the product or service.

2. How do I keep track of my transaction?

Log into Envisionit E-Escrow using your username and password to view transaction(s) details and status.

3. Does Envisionit E-Escrow insure goods in transit?

No, Envisionit E-Escrow only guarantees the money that we received into our trust account. Transit insurance and all other product or service related insurance is left to the transacting parties.

4. Can parties renegotiate the price of the agreement?

Yes! The parties to the transaction are welcome renegotiate the terms and price of the agreement. Once a new agreement has been reached the parties must set out the new terms of the agreement in an email the Envisionit E-Escrow administrator to amend the transaction. All parties must be copied on the email using their Envisionit E-Escrow registered email addresses.


1. What does Envisionit E-Escrow charge?

Envisionit E-Escrow charges a fee for mitigating payment risk and securing your payment.

Our fees are different for each Envisionit E-Escrow service type and are based on the value of the transaction. You can find a detailed explanation of our fee structure here.

2. Why does Envisionit E-Escrow charge more for credit and debit cards?

Credit and debit cards attract additional merchant fees. These fees will be passed on to the transaction paying via credit card.

Our preference is to accept an EFT into our bank account. We verify the funds before moving the funds into a trust account. Once verified we offer the seller a guarantee of funds.

3. What is an EFT?

EFT is an abbreviation for Electronic Funds Transfer. This is when you transfer money directly from your bank account using your card at the ATM or using Internet banking.

4. How secure is my payment?

Payments to and from Envisionit E-Escrow are all managed by the South African banks. Therefore payment security conforms to the standards prescribed by the South African Payment Association and the Reserve Bank of South Africa.

Disputes and Cancellation

1. How can I cancel my transaction?

Before both the parties have agreed on the terms and conditions of the deal, the buyer/seller may click "reject" on the screen. After funds are received only Envisionit E-Escrow may cancel the deal.

2. Dispute resolution

Parties are required to conduct their own dispute resolution. Envisionit E-Escrow will act on a joint mandate from the parties. In the event of arbitration the arbitration ruling must be sent to Envisionit E-Escrow.

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