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Africa's premier escrow platform

Part of the Envisionit Group of Companies, Envisionit E-Escrow (Pty) Ltd was founded in South Africa to facilitate and secure online and real world transactions. Envisionit E-Escrow takes the risks out of buying and selling. Our software has been designed by industry experts to offer secure, simple escrow solutions. Parties to a transaction, contract Envisionit E-Escrow as a trusted third party to mitigate the financial risks associated with day to day purchase and sale transactions. Transactions with us are simple, safe and secure. We ensure that buyers get what they paid for while sellers and service providers get paid timeously.

A basic view of the E-Escrow process:

  • The parties agree to buy or sell a product or service. The terms and conditions of the transaction/ service are captured in the escrow agreement. Once all parties have accepted the agreement we are ready to move to the secure step.

  • Envisionit E-Escrow secures the transaction for the seller by receiving full payment from the buyer and then verifying the authenticity of the funds. The buyer is protected by keeping the money in trust until the terms of the agreement with the seller have been met.

  • With payment secured by Envisionit E-Escrow the seller can deliver the product or service with peace of mind.

  • Once the buyer accepts that the goods or service provided have been received or completed to his/ her satisfaction, the buyer instructs Envisionit E-Escrow to release payment. Remedies exist for either party in the event of a dispute.

Benefits of using E-Escrow

If you're a buyer:

You're guaranteed to receive the service or goods before the funds are released to the seller.

If you're the seller:

Envisionit E-Escrow will confirm the funds are guaranteed and available for transaction before you part with your goods or service.

Fast facts

  • Envisionit E-Escrow (previously E-Escrow Services) was the first standalone E-Escrow platform in South Africa.
  • Backed by the Envisionit Group of Companies (Group companies manage in excess of R5bn).
  • Level 1 BEE Service provider.

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